Treeless Treehouse Questions:

How do I build a Treehouse without a tree?

There are many ways to safely build a treehouse without a strong tree or even without a tree at all... More…

Is my Tree Strong Enough for a treehouse?

If you aren't sure about how to proceed, then you probably need to find an expert to help you. Examples of qualified experts More…


Building a Treeless Treehouse

Many people who would otherwise build a treehouse find themselves without any trees or only with very small or Treeless Treehouse unhealthy trees that aren't sufficient for support. Others have a good tree but don't want to hurt it by driving bolts into it. But don't let these issues stop you from building a treehouse! Treehouse Without a Tree There are many ways to construct a fun and imaginative playspace out in the middle of a lawn, in a mulched play area, or even built near or around trees to make it feel like the project is in the trees, even if ultimately supported from the ground.

Do you NEED a treehouse, but are Without a Tree?

Treehouse Around a TreeWe have put together all of the information, plans, guides, designs, and links that you will need to get started as quickly as possible. Spending some time on this website before ordering the lumber and driving nails will help you be fully prepared, develop a good plan, set realistic expectations, and be happier with the finished treehouse.